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A trust might be a valuable tool in planning for long term care or simply asset protection, but how do you know which trust is the best “fit” for your circumstances? Or, if you really need one at all?

Medicaid for Elderly
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Medicaid for Elderly:

Most families are not independently wealthy and nursing home costs continue to skyrocket. Navigating the gauntlet of Medicaid for the elderly without losing your life savings is daunting and requires a broad knowledge of the traps and pitfalls of the state Medicaid rules and system.

Estate Planning

Estate Planning:

Estate planning is more than just asking, “Where will my stuff go when I die?” More importantly, what happens to your family and responsibilities if you are incapacitated or need long term skilled care?



Settling the affairs of a loved one is often a tiring and thankless job. And, if you don’t have a Will, the State of Texas decides where your stuff will go. We can help plan to get it right and navigate the court process.

Series LLC

Series LLC:

A series LLC is a holding company that can segregate assets under independent series for liability protection without the cost and headache of setting up multiple companies (e.g. rent houses) and is a good solution to segregate trust assets from business assets for protection of future generations.

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